300 Visitors! Writing with If Loops?

Just another quick post, about how great you guys are. If Loops now has three hundred visitors. Yes, I know, I’m not getting five thousand visitors a day, but hey, in the big scheme we have just started out, and even if I don’t get to five thousand…the Readers of the Variant Press are just … Continue reading

If Loops on YouTube

If Loops now has a YouTube channel. It is where things like videos will be posted. This channel was not planned, but was deemed necessary since I did not want to make a Yahoo! account just to get Flickr, and Daily Booth does not support video. The channel is very easy to access. You can … Continue reading


For years, there has been debate on which operating system is the best. Windows, Mac, or Linux? or The PC is always professional, but bulky. However, it gets everything done efficiently. The Mac is portrayed as being cool, and looking good. Linux is usually just a WTF, the one that sticks out, but can do … Continue reading

Quick Post: Over 200 Visitors!

Okay, people, this is really good. Once again, a toast of good word to the Readers of the Variant Press. For those of you that did, thank you for following If Loops on Facebook and Twitter, and for those of you that did not, you still can. The links are in the top sidebar. If … Continue reading

Daily Booth

I have recently joined Daily Booth. So whenever I take a good pic or any pic that I feel like taking, I can put it there for you guys. You can find the latest picture on the left sidebar, or go here (follow) : http://www.dailybooth.com/ifloops

Talk on Barefoot Bandit

Follow the conversation @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Colton-Harris-Moore-The-Barefoot-Bandit/334761154065?v=wall&story_fbid=444643859065

The Barefoot Bandit

Have you ever heard this before? There is kid running around in your neighborhood with no shoes. Punchline: He just stole your stuff. Well that was the joke, but the punchline is waiting for the courtroom. Yes, his name is Colton Harris-Moore (aka the Barefoot Bandit or Burglar)…Read more

CTO: Two guitars, One guy.

What’s up, forum? Yeah, I know what you’re thinking about. That the title is some sort of euphemism for…Two camels in a tiny car. But If Loops is not promoting Ray William Johnson or =3 this time. We are promoting ZackKim, a very talented YouTuber. He, as the title suggests, plays two guitars at the … Continue reading


Now only hours away, one of the most awaited science fiction films is about go all out in the big screen (including IMAX and 3D – RealD). After the Dark Knight, a major hit, ironically, due to the Joker (Heath Ledger); Christopher Nolan has set off and made what might be one of the biggest summer blockbusters…Read more

Uganda’s Twin Bombings

Just when you thought that you heard enough about the world cup…BOOM! A new international terrorist group rises up. Al-Shabab, an ultra-conservative Somali Islamic militant Al-Qaeda linked group (that’s quite the resumé for a terrorist) claims responsibility for the bombings on Sunday. Their given reason is that they conducted revenge for Uganda being participation with … Continue reading

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