2010 FIFA World Cup End

Today is the end of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and everyone is watching with their eyes glued open. For this very moment two hundred four nations have warred it out on the soccer field; have kicked, ran, and blocked to the peak of their abilities. And now it comes down to the last two teams: Spain VS Netherlands. Neither team has won the World Cup before, and at the end of this match, one team will be extremely happy while the other will cry bitter tears; as could be seen.

“There’s a great sense of happiness in the dressing room right now. It’s hard to put it all into words and the way the players feel goes way beyond words,” Vicente del Bosque, Spain coach.

So let me take you through some parts of the World Cup. After the pre-game show, with the most notable and talked about performance being Shakira, we are met with a scene of African people singing and farming, mountains, penguins, elephants, and multiple soccer teams cheering. Next we are put in the setting of Soccer City Stadium – Johannesburg, South Africa. We are shown Nelson Mandela, ninety-one years old, who has come to say hello to the world. This was the man, who in 1990, had spent twenty-seven years as a political prisoner and when he was only two days out of prison, he talked and over a hundred thousand people listened. The teams are shown:

  • Gregory VAN DER WIEL
  • Giovanni VAN BRONCKHORST (C) (-105′)
  • Dirk KUYT (-71′)
  • Nigel DE JONG (-99′)
  • Robin VAN PERSIE
  • Wesley SNEIJDER
  • Arjen ROBBEN
  • Iker CASILLAS (GK)(C)
  • Gerard PIQUE
  • Carles PUYOL
  • Andres INIESTA
  • David VILLA (-106′ ET)
  • XAVI
  • XABI ALONSO (-87′)
  • Sergio BUSQUETS
  • PEDRO (-60′)

Netherlands have a 4-5-1 formation. Their captain, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, is a very good kicker. Spain has a 4-2-3-1 formation. Iker Casillas, the captain of the Spanish team, is one of the best goal keepers in the world with twelve saves and two allowed goals. Fernando Torres, another good player, is not being allowed to play in the starting lineup. David Villa, of Spain, had broken his leg in a soccer game when he was younger, and thought he would not be able to play again. Now he is called the “Golden Boot”, and has scored five goals during the FIFA World Cup. Villa is also able to use both feet with equal skill, giving him an edge over other players. Spain seems to have a very good chance at winning, with a total of forty-three goals throughout the Cup. That is the second all-time score. It seems that losing to Switzerland during the first game gave them the drive to maturity to be able to win.

Fabio Cannavaro, Captain of 2006 FIFA World Cup Italian Team, brings out the trophy. The closing ceremonies are ready to begin, and both nations sing their national anthems.

Het Wilhelmus – Netherlands

Marcha Real – Spain

Finally, the game begins, and the Netherlands have the ball first, and it is returned by Spain, and later goes out. The Netherlands are in orange, while Spain is clad with Navy. At 3:55, Ramos is injured, gets a free kick, which is returned by the Netherlands goal keeper, Maarten Stekelenburg. At 7:05, Busquets misses the ball by mistake, but it is saved by Casillas, and made to go out by Ramos.

11:10 – David Villa almost scores.

Spanish Coach, Vicente del Bosque, is excited for the first time during the World Cup. It can be easily seen that tensions are extremely high.

14:10 – Robin van Persie given yellow card by Referee for making David Villa fall.
15:59 – Carles Puyol given yellow card for making Robin fall.

It seems that neither team is doing well. In the end, for – we cannot go through a play by play of the entire match – Spain wins with one point and Netherlands with zero. During the course of the day, two groups were happy at the end: Spain for winning the World Cup for the first time, and South Africa as a country, for hosting FIFA, no matter what others said. What people are failing to realize is that the World Cup had many cultural impacts, for once people were able to truly see what South Africa was a nation, culturally and geographically, without all the political shields hiding it from national eyes. Other nations were brought together by facing off in spectacular matches. Spain was brought to the number one position in soccer, followed by Netherlands, and then Germany. Paul Octopus will probably be a millionaire celebrity, be experimented on, and do drugs. I mean, come on, we have an octopus that can predict the future. It can’t be fake. But once again, the true winners were us, the people as a whole, for being able to witness such an event.

Till next time.

– If Loops

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