AT&T and Apple – No More VIP Treatment?

First maps, better maps, and now a f***ing compass. Yep, way better than a droid.

Do you have issues with AT&T and Apple? So much that you cry yourself to sleep every night while holding a Verizon phone and an iPhone, and wondering why they aren’t the same thing? Well, I don’t. I have an iPod touch. Who buys two perfectly good phones? Yet for the sake of those that do said action above, there might still be hope. A lawsuit that was filed against Apple and AT&T in 2007, has now been given a class-action status by Judge James Ware of the U.S. District Court in Norther California on the terms that both companies coerced other people to stay with the companies for longer than two years since the companies were monopolizing the iPhone by not making public to other companies such as Verizon…or T-Mobile(lolwut? who uses T-Mobile?), which meant that people had to stay with iPhones and AT&T for more than two years.

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//In my opinion this is BS. “//” means off the record by the way, or the famous comment //sign in Java.

Do not get my comment wrong. I would love Verizon to get the iPhone, but the iPhone was made by Apple, and to me, that seems like they have the right to give it to anyone they see fit.

“An amended complaint filed in June 2008 takes issue with Apple’s practice of “locking” iPhones so they can only be used on AT&T’s network, and its absolute control over what applications iPhone owners can and cannot install on the gadgets.” – AP – Associated Press

Once again, it’s their product. And here is another optional solution, just do not buy the iPhone in the first place. Okay, so at first the iPhone may have been alone, but now there are so many phones that can do almost everything the iPhone can. Get a Droid (and if you still want all the cool games in the App Store, then get can iPod Touch). When the people say that they were forced to stick with AT&T for more than two years…they are basically lying. They stuck with the company because they wanted to, and they liked the iPhone so much, not because someone was shoving it down their throats at gunpoint.

As to the lawsuit, there might be very little action taken, class-action status or not. Foreigners seem to have no problem with this, and as Apple is basically international, they need to take in the needs of all their customers. So hope, but don’t think you’ll see a Verizon iPhone under the tree. If you do, then I will too, and we will all be happy, at least until we reject open source programs, and let companies like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter take over our private lives…oh wait.

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  1. thunderlord7 says:

    this is awsome! I Iike your point of view on things.

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