The doldrums…

For those of us not on vacation or cruises, we know that summer can get boring. For those of us that are also physics, chemistry, and/or math geeks, then there is a much easier way to spend your time. Yes, it is one of the more humorous webcomics that sometimes come with a twist of cynical genius. Some comics will not be understood by the average person, as they delve into the world of computer science, and advanced physics. To the word of the wise, if you are not thirteen or over, this webcomic might not be appropriate for you. And if you are thirteen or over, your parents won’t like you reading this because they want you to be guarded from certain things, but seriously parents? I’ve seen six year olds that can curse fluently. But skipping over the fact that there might be something seriously wrong with society, you can go over to this webcomic if you ever get the chance. It’s called XKCD, and you’ll learn that there is a reason behind that too.

James Bond meets Hat Man

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