Keep a Child Alive

Today’s amazing new article is really not about news, but it is another message for people with credit cards or people who know other people with credit cards. No, I’m not trying to steal the hard earned money you make at McDonald’s…just kidding. But seriously, there is no theft intended at you. If Loops is supporting a charity through the help of SocialVibe, and it is called Keep a Child Alive. Meh, it sounds like a good cause. So this charity, located on the left sidebar, right below the calendar is helping children and their families in countries like India and Uganda. I’ve been to India, and right now they advertise the good places, but I can tell you that in most parts it is a lot worse than you know.

I bet you can palpate every organ of his.

See the man in the picture, that’s where he lives, sleeps, and, very rarely, eats. You’re probably thinking, “I’ve seen these pictures before, and I can’t really do anything about it. No amount of money I give will really make a difference.” Well, here is a fact, 1 US Dollar is worth 46.7547 Indian Rupees, now imagine that man in the picture having what is worth 5 US Dollars. It might at least get him something to sleep on, a meal, or even a shirt. So Readers of the Variant Press, there is – and I utterly mean it – absolutely no force for you to give away a dollar to Keep a Child Alive, I mean, I will not judge for it. I like that you’re reading the content I press into WordPress. But hey, if you have the time and the money, it won’t hurt to donate. Will Press again.

– If Loops

If you find out this is a fraud in any way, email me:, with print screens, or at least some evidence. No trolls, please.

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