CTO: Two guitars, One guy.

Zack Kim

Two guitars, one guy

What’s up, forum? Yeah, I know what you’re thinking about. That the title is some sort of euphemism for…Two camels in a tiny car. But If Loops is not promoting Ray William Johnson or =3 this time. We are promoting ZackKim, a very talented YouTuber. He, as the title suggests, plays two guitars at the same time using a free hands guitar style.

Free Hands” is a unique way of playing guitar with both hands, invented by Emmett Chapman in 1969. Many people credit Stanley Jordan with popularizing the technique, which involves “tapping” the strings with both the left and right hands’ fingers aligned with the frets. This method is different from tapping with the right hand parallel to the strings as done by Eddie Van Halen, for example. Many guitarists apply this technique to one guitar, Zack has developed a virtuosic way of playing two guitars. His left hand will play one guitar, while his right hand plays another.” – Wikipedia.org.

Many guitarists apply free hand to one guitar, while Zack does this same technique, masterfully, on two. On his Wikipedia page, it says that he is currently serving in the Korean army, but however, he was able to reply to his If Loops, make a wall post on his facebook page, and has said that he was starting Twitter again. Well, whatever is going on, If Loops respects your talent, and good luck wherever you go.

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