The Barefoot Bandit

First things first. To the readers, I am not the doing a movie review. Why? Because my last post about Inception, basically, was one. And how many times, can you rephrase f***ing awesome? No, seriously. But anyways, to those of you who have been wondering…

You: Hey, If Loops hasn’t posted anything the past day. I can’t find anything else to live for!  Why? Why? WHY? *Shove a remote up your butt.* (lol @ those of you who got the joke from RWJ.)

Okay, readers, updates like this can be found in the updates section of the website. Right underneath the twitter button. If you don’t have time to go to the site, you can just follow If Loops on Facebook or Twitter. See, it’s not so hard.

Okay, but time to get to the real message: I am going somewhere. Yes, it exists. San Jacinto college for this camp thing that they have. So If Loops will not have daily or close to daily updates. Yes, I’m sorry too, but what with this thing and that thing, and school. But now to get to the actual topic.

Have you ever heard this before? There is kid running around in your neighborhood with no shoes. Punchline: He just stole your stuff. Well that was the joke, but the punchline is waiting for the courtroom. Yes, his name is Colton Harris-Moore (aka the Barefoot Bandit or Burglar). Apparently, his father abused him, and his mother wasn’t so great either. His ran away, and now steals money, food, drinks, bling?, boats, cars, planes, etc. He crash lands the plane or does something to whatever vehicle he is using, and then runs, basically leaving a spotless trail. He has been captured, tried as an adult, and could face anything from around four to twelve years in prison, if the case goes to federal court.

I guess the next part of this story is when, he is recruited into the FBI to work for them. I mean seriously, has anyone seen the true story Catch Me If You Can?

It’s basically the same story, except for the romance(?) and the divorce part, which is why Frank Jr. runs away in the first place.

“Frank Abagnale Jr. who, before his 19th birthday, successfully conned millions of dollars worth of checks as a Pan Am pilot, doctor, and legal prosecutor.” – IMDB.

And guess what, unlike Frank, his run converted him into a hero while he was stealing.

Attention Seeker, much?

“Police dubbed Harris-Moore the “Barefoot Bandit” because he allegedly committed some of his crimes without shoes. His run converted him into a sort of folk hero, with some of the nearly 80,000 followers on his Facebook posting disappointed messages Monday.” – AP Associated Press.

“In December, Time magazine dubbed him “America’s Most Wanted Teenage Bandit.” Also, 20th Century Fox has purchased the rights for a film based on his exploits.” – CNN.

So now, they are making a movie about him, too. However, in my eye, Frank Abagnale Jr. PWNS Colton Harris-Moore. Colton just stole into houses, while Frank forges checks, makes checks, and passes the actual bar exam with only a few days studying (the one thing he did not fake.) I’m also commenting on his upholding as a folk-hero, which I believe is BS. Simple math, look at the definition of folk and hero, and add them up. This does not equal Colton Harris-Moore. He has not helped anyone, and, while he may have had a bad life, the right to steal other peoples’ property was bequeathed upon him. However, I do not believe he should be put in jail for a long time, and that the court should look at the point that he did not hurt anyone.

If you are interested in getting the detailed details about the Bandit, the go to:

Here is his facebook page, hmm…not 80, 000 but 27,852.!/pages/Colton-Harris-Moore-The-Barefoot-Bandit/334761154065?ref=search

– If Loops

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