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To the Readers of the Variant Press, I have to say we have reached 500 visitors. So today or whenever take some time of to celebrate your life and indulge in mirth and ignorance, I mean, if life doesn’t suck. I actually have to say, I have been announcing the number of visitors for those who come here, and have some weird inability to look/read/comprehend/understand the existence of/ anything inside a widget. It is kind of annoying. So I guess the simple solution is…for you to learn HTML and CSS. Well, I’m going to stop announcing every hundreth mark. Because to regular people, I feel that it might be annoying, too.

I have done many types of CTOs. However, this is the first book one. Or at least…audiobook. If you look at the picture, you can extrapolate that I am a fan of Real Time with Bill Maher. Not only that, I follow him on Twitter. I fell this guy actually deserves plenty of kudos. Now for the trolls, haters, and republicans, I am not making a statement saying that Bill is better than you, for giving the truth.

//He kind of is, though.

## (<– yay for Python) If you disagree or agree, please leave an actual comment ## explaining why.

I started reading his audiobook, called, wait for it…True Story. And it is something worth seeing, it will have you laughing for sure. And if not, I feel that you are perfectly capable of doing something else.

Here are the links to get the book, click on them:

Click to buy

Click to buy

Only Bill Maher, the star of Comedy Central’s Politically Incorrect and a regular guest on The Tonight Show, could have written True Story…so he did. The place: New York. The time: the early 1980s. The scene: the red-hot comedy clubs, very late at night. The cast: five would-be stand-up comics, their egos, and their girls. The result: a downright hilarious novel about trying to be funny for fame, fortune, and fornication. This is Bill Maher’s report from the front, a stageside table at the birth of the comedy boom. You’ll laugh in all the right places.

©1994 by Bill Maher; (P)2005 Phoenix Audio

What a few of the readers/critics say:

“This is the novel I would have written about stand-up comedy if I was a sick egghead like Bill Maher.” (Roseanne)

“Anyone considering a career in stand-up comedy should read this book, then consider something else, because all this great stuff is over.” (Jerry Seinfeld)

– If Loops

2 Responses to “CTO: True Story”
  1. garvis2 says:

    Okay, I will have to check this out sometime. As I mention all the time in my blog, I’m pretty much cheap when it comes to buying books or CDs or DVDs unless it’s a high end piece like some of the Tashen books I’ve picked up or a rarity like a rare Dick Gregory book I don’t have. I’ll keep my eyes peeled at the used book stores and the bargain tables at Books A Million.

    I did recently sit down and watch Bill’s documentary Religulous which I found very interesting and entertaining. I still have two or three more Bill Maher DVDs from Big Lots that I may try to work in before too long. If I do I’ll post my thoughts at garvis2.wordpress.com and you can let me know if you agree or not.

    • ifloop says:

      I may be biased when telling you to post stuff about Bill Maher because technically I am a fan, and agree with most of his work. Religulous is definitely one of them. Thanks for looking up If Loops, by the way. Tell me if you find some other stuff interesting.

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