New Rule

Python is amazing…all by itself.

First, a thanks to Bill Maher again, in reference to the show and one of his books, “New Rules.”

If you know Python or code, there is a good chance you might have heard of the running joke that coding with Python is so easy, you can basically import *anything* and it will happen. Two good examples of this are given in excellent humor by XKCD –

Mouseover text: "I wrote 20 short programs in Python yesterday. It was wonderful. Perl, I'm leaving you."

For the people that don’t know what Perl is…most likely, you’ll be happier off not knowing. The second example of the convenience in using Python:

Mouseover text: "ONE LAPTOP PER HAMSTER!"

Back to topic, I’ve been using Python for some time now, and it is a wonderful dynamic program with what seems like no limits. But that’s it, it is the seeming. To me it seems:

Python PROS:

  • the Python Shell, with a mostly accurate real time display of output
  • color coded text
  • no semicolons (can easily be bad for someone else, and Python will just skip over the semicolons if you are an experienced programmer and just accidentally leave it in)
  • It can extend to C and C++
  • It’s not Perl (to those you Perl users that might get offended, I’m not saying I like Perl, this pros/cons list is mostly for people who start with Python or are thinking about using it as their main language. Personally, I feel knowing regular expressions makes for one bad ass programmer.)
  • It is object oriented
  • Portable
  • Really clear to syntax to, even, the non-coder
  • Multiple online tutorials when necessary
  • Easy download and installation

Python CONS:

  • Closest thing to an array list a beginner can come close to understanding is a “tuple”, and then go “WTF?”
  • The differences in different Python versions, such as 2.5, 6, and 7, and then the 3.1, and 2. It is actually like learning a completely different language. We all know that Python 3 was not something we dreamt about.
  • There is no true multiprocessor output
  • Lack of commercial support, making it questionable as to whether it can be used in corporate environments, even though Python is pretty stable.
  • The Python community is relatively small, compared to the C Family or Java.
  • The pythonw.exe that is always freezing the IDLE, and making me have to save, close, and go to Task Manager to end the process.
  • Concerning other languages and my general opinion, there really isn’t much you do with just Python when you get past the world beyond your IDLE, or even so far as your laptop. Currently, you can really do much more with other languages, even to what it extends to: Java, or the C Family (including C#, which some people just leave out.)
  • …and last but not least: the exact tabs or indents that you have to have. You get used to it after a while, but at the beginning, when you got off of Java, it seems you might just want to switch back.

Those are only a few of many pros and cons. But I’m actually one of the many fans for this language and other languages as well. If you are interested, then go to and remember that it is .org, and please, do not EVER go to the .com, unless you either want to get in some serious trouble and be embarrassed for the rest of your life or you’re a creep. Just passing the warning like my teachers did to me.

Giving good content…

– If Loops

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