WINE – Not the Drink

Linux is an open source OS used by many people through out the world, mostly nerdy/geeky people and computer programmer (Yes, they are two different people). Currently the Linux community is relatively small, so I am here to expand your knowledge, so you aren’t stuck in your vestibule (hallway, I will explain later), of a mind.

As I said before, Linux is an open source OS. This means that anyone can edit and create their own distributions, make your own version at . The Linux Distro I use is called Ubuntu, and if you want simplicity, Ubuntu us right for you. Also almost all software that comes with Ubuntu is open source, for example Mozilla Firefox, Chromium, and OpenOffice (free versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint).

Also included in the package deal, are endless possibilities. For example: access a broad spectrum of wireless networks, bluetooth head sets, and did I mention run Windows applications! For all you, Windows  lovers out there, if you want to keep your precious applications alive, and also want to semi-convert into Linuxism, then Install WINE onto your Linux Distro, more info at

Some other applications to install on Linux are:

1. Opera – Internet browser, freakishly fast.

2. BackTrack – a Linux Distro, can be used for hacking (not that If Loops endorses hacking).

3. FileZilla – Especially helpful to website owners: FTP client and server.

4. Pidgin – For all you people who can’t live without friends. IM client.

5. Audacity – Awesome audio editing software.

The list above contains only a few things that work well with Linux. For more you can go to .

So the word ‘vestibule’ means hallway. This is a word used in my school. It is on the little plaque thing next to the door. Also the one of the band directors hates the word.

Also, the original If Loops writer didn’t do this article. My name is Bon Bon (nickname), and I am a close friend of the owner of this blog. And I like cheese.

– Bon Bon

3 Responses to “WINE – Not the Drink”
  1. Derek says:

    Well, while I admit that Ubuntu can be very nice, it can also be very annoying. I decided to get Ubuntu for my old Dell 8200 Dimension, and after spending many, many hours working on it decided to give up. I now have a half partitioned hard drive for my windows, and the other half for my “broken” Ubuntu.

    Make sure to watch out for graphics card problems, as that is the Achilles heel of my PC.

    • ifloop says:

      Wow…I had problems with misdirected partitioning too, but fortunately it was my external hard drive that got screwed over, not my PC.

      Well, first, are you sure you downloaded/installed it correctly? And you really might want to get a new laptop that is not a Dell (I used to have a Dell Inspiron, and it was crappy), or at least an external hard drive. Getting a newer laptop would solve all your problems, unfortunately, they are not that cheap, so you might to think anywhere around $600-1K. More if you want one of the Intel Core processors.

  2. invis5 says:

    One thing that you should do is that instead of using half your hard drive for a partition for linux, only use around 20GB-30GB cause thats all you really need for linux.

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