Firefox Home

We have all used Mozilla Firefox, one of the best web browsers ever to be made, and a personal favorite of mine (although Google Chrome is not so bad either). If you have not used Firefox, then you sorely need to, even one time will do, and then you probably will make it your main browser, and never use something like Internet Explorer 8 again. However, Internet Explorer 8 is not bad in terms of security and it is pretty fast compared to IE7, but that is a different discussion altogether.

The same way, we all have used Firefox, we have all (well in this case, I have to say several of us, so…) several of us have been bitching about the iPhone 4 and how Apple has started to suck with all their monopolizing and rules about no jailbreaking, et cetra, et cetra, et cetra.

Now an app called Firefox Home has been created to help solve the above scenarios (well, not for that exact reason, but it does help).

It has potential

Firefox Home is made for hard core Firefox users. What does it do? Well, it gives you instant access to the list of tabs you have open on your desktop; reduces your need to type long URLs into the browser’s bar by already importing your bookmarks, gives you targeted search through the Awesome Bar that is integrated in the app.

As a bonus on my tests, it opened Web pages faster than Safari.

– New York Times: Gadgetwise

You are basically carrying your desktop browser on your iPhone/iTouch. However, before you start hyperventilating, you have to know that the app is not Mozilla Firefox, it is its own thing. Unfortunately, a Mozilla Firefox app has not been made yet (not even in jailbroken devices, I think?). However, this is a pretty big step, and we must enjoy what we can.

– If Loops

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