Not All Rectangles Are Squares

Okay, Readers of the Variant Press, I am going to apologize for not writing an article in so long, but hey what can I say? School. That’s what I can say. And as much as I like you guys, I like getting good grades better. Well, that’s it with me.

I’m sure all of you have heard the thing about the new mosque they built near Ground Zero, place of one of the worst terrorist attacks in the world. Now, obviously, there are two sides raging against each other for this issue. New Yorkers that feel the mosque, which upholds the very religion that gave way to the people that brought down the Twin Towers in the World Trade Center along with so many lives at 9/11; and New Yorkers that feel that making a mosque would help build a bridge connecting the non-violent Muslims and Americans (not that they might not be the same thing).

I can completely understand why the New Yorkers that are against the mosque feel this way. They feel that to build a mosque that fosters the religion that was responsible for 9/11 would be a dishonor to all the people that died on that day.

It is argued by Mayor Bloomberg that it  would be a dishonor for the dead to use them as a reason to deny others the constitutional rights that they died for in the first place.

On the Arizona Daily Star,

Former Rep. Rick Lazio, a Republican running for governor of New York, attended the commission meeting with a handful of opponents to the mosque, which is being developed by a group called the Cordoba Initiative.

“This is not about religion,” Lazio said. “It’s about this particular mosque called the Cordoba Mosque, it’s about it being at ground zero, it’s about it being spearheaded by an imam who has associated himself with radical Islamic causes and has made comments that should chill every single American, frankly.”

Lazio said the group’s imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, had refused to call the Palestinian group Hamas a terrorist organization.


the Cordoba Initiative have their motto as “Improving Muslim-West Relations”.

Okay, on this point, I can understand why some New Yorkers do not want to trust Muslims. I mean what happened on 9/11 was not just a “oops, we sorta blew up the twin towers and killed a bunch of people” thing. Well, I guess it was, but without the “oops”. Also, while there are a few Muslims that are against what Hamas or Al-Qaeda, many either dodge or sidestep the subject or say that they are not against the groups. As said above by Lazio, “Feisal Abdul Rauf, had refused to call the Palestinian group Hamas, a terrorist organization.” It’s those kinds of things that makes, not just New Yorkers, but Americans in general, a little wary when it comes to Muslims.

Yes, I agree that Americans should be as cautious as possible, and I also believe that sometimes being nice just does not cut it, but for now, let’s use a simple rule that we learn as little kids. Now some of you speak metaphor and know what I will say next, but for the ones that do not:

All squares may be rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. All violent Muslims may be Muslims, but not all Muslims are violent ones.

This does not mean that what all Muslims do is correct, and to all immigrants and to the immigrants’ children:

You come here [to the USA and Canada] and learn, eat, drink, sleep, walk, and many other things. Some of you are born here. Socrates, the Greek philospher, said that it was wrong to do wrong to a society that raised you. After many of you take advantage of our freedoms, which are becoming rarer by the minute, is it really right to do what you do?

A comment I found on Politicol, by a David Williams, sums it up:

David Williams says:

I live in Canada and we have muslims here from all over the world who come to Canada to enjoy our freedoms. However they are attempting to establish there culture here also. There have been husbands who behead their wives, or just kill their daughters when the men disapprove of what they wear on their head. Or they kill their wives because it is the sharia law that allows them to do so. Then they get a lawyer who states this is their “culture”. I am not prejudiced but I object to any person trying to abuse a woman and if they are trying to change us- they are sadly mistaken. The US and Canada have their own culture and it is the immigrant who must change and adapt to OUR culture not the other way around. Or they can stay home and kill each other. This mosque if it is built will always be a source of anger and the respect is for our soil -not Muslim soil. This is our country and we must stand by and respect the ones who were slain that day, not any visitors who come here to enforce their own culture over our country’s laws.

Yes, the US still allows you to practice your culture, but this does not mean that you will try to change ours.

So for now, let their be peace, and take a step to see what happens. From then on, we can take action when need be.

– If Loops

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