As I was surfing through the web, going through a partition of lawlcats and FAILS, I came across a great blog called LOL god, and it rivaling FAIL blog with his abundance of comical images.

Just something for the Readers of the Variant Press to check out, and if you, for some reason get offended, then there is a little “X” on the left or right hand corner of your browser.

Here are a few examples from LOL god:

What I like about this website is that it sort of just gives you a different view:

Sometimes it also might make you wonder if you’re being trolled:

God is a troll

And last but definitely not least, one the favorite series of pictures on LOL god, now introducing…Disturbing Jesus!

Disturbing Jesus

So if you are interested, then you can just click on this link: LOL god, and have fun. LOL god is a website, which not only makes you laugh, it is also a good way to kill time.

– If Loops

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