The Scribbled-On Man

Hello, and good day, Readers of the Variant Press. Haha, to those of you that get the reference to Ray Bradbury’s, The Illustrated Man. The title was actually supposed to be The Scribbled-On, Beat Up, and Physically/Mentally Abused Man, but too long, you know? And speaking off things that have been scribbled on, beat up, and abused, let us talk about society. I am going to bring up a few things that a little bothering. Although, I know that most of you read only, your two cents would be much appreciated. Here it goes.

What does it mean to be Gifted and Talented? Most professionals will say that it is having a “(WISC) score above 130 or 140” – The Many Definitions of Giftedness, Sue Watson. On the NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) website, the federal definition it says is:

Students, children, or youth who give evidence of high achievement capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields, and who need services and activities not ordinarily provided by the school in order to fully develop those capabilities

The NAGC also estimate that gifted children consist of only 6% of the student population. The records of how much money gifted children are given are not kept track of, which means that it is pretty low. Because I’m pretty sure that some hundred million dollars would have been kept in check. Gifted children are usually left to depend on regular teachers, or even no one at all. There are probably some that just wither away like their talents. The brain is a muscle, and it atrophies just like its counterparts.

Does No Child Dragged Along No Child Left Behind include Gifted and Talented Children? The answer is no. But at this point, how is that answer different for any other child.

Another thing is Religion and Politics, the big daddies, and their son, America. I kid America, but the point I want to make is that America was once something much greater in both these areas. I am not here to start disproving religion or anything, but what I am against is the mixing of the Church/Temple/Mosque/or anything affiliated religion in the least mixing with the state. While religion is fine is society, later it’s not god you find, but corrupt people with their own personal agendas. You have heard of the Pope and how he and the rest of the Catholic church shelters pedophiles. However, the people are not riled enough by hearing the stories of the boys that are coming out now, and telling how they were molested by Roman Catholic priests. Yet the Pope has still not been thrown out of power. It doesn’t make you a little angry that whatever pure thing you were believing was actually being manipulated by people with their own agendas?

Another thing is that people who use Christianity in there lives, completely disregard that Jesus Christ preached against rich people, but you will find people kicking other people in the economical ladder, stabbing friends/family in the back, and stabbing enemies in the face just to get a higher standing when it comes to money and power.

I wrote an article about the Cordoba Mosque. What? You didn’t know that it was called the Cordoba Mosque before you read it? Well, that explains so much about the American Population. The Cordoba Mosque has been constantly called the Ground Zero Mosque, which is simply giving it a bad representation. I also said that I could understand why some American’s felt that they should go against it. That does not make it right. In America, everyone has the right to religion and the corollary of that is having the right to build buildings in which religion is practiced. And I ask, when you say the Muslims cannot build a mosque there, how far is good enough for you? How far does a mosque have to be build to the point where it is okay that all those people died? Answer this.

Several other things to point out are conflicts in the government structure in democracy. In Athens, there was a similar system except, it was mob rule, and Socrates agreed that people should make the decisions on how there society is run, while Plato in his Republic, basically gave the definition of a society that was ruled by picked out, smarter individuals that were raised to rule. Yes, Plato’s view sounds elitist, and to some degree, even, Nazi-like, but the if the picked out, smarter individual was unbiased in the decisions he made for society, then it would truly be a Utopia. Plato said that a true utopia will only exist when philosophers become kings or when kings become philosophers. Is this agreeable?

People spend life times looking over the meaning of there life, instead how about thinking about the present, and helping yourself and the others around you.

Yes, questioning things is good, and it leads to discoveries. And now it is not so much that the common man has his own ideas, but that he simply given the information. We are in the information age, and what has happened is that while we have a few answers, we also have no idea what they mean, or are they even right. You see people looking at computers, cellphones, and all the other devices that people now have. A phone is now not just for calling someone, but also for playing games, texting, checking the weather, browsing the web, listening to music, and many other things. How many of those things are used to help society, and how many people use them in that way?

Taxes from the government for the rich to help the society as a whole is another conflict. The arguments are (and there is a similar bill to tax the top 1% of the richest people in America) that the rich people will not even notice the money that they are taxed. However, the Libertarian viewpoint is that they earned all of the money, so only they will solely decide what happens to it. But according to them, the government has no right to say that we cannot put ourselves at risk, so seat belt and helmet laws are out the window.

As an alleged democratic society, we are not a very good one. How many decisions have you made for your society? A lot? I doubt it, but if so, then you’re an endangered species. For the ones that do not, please do something between the radical tea party members (if you support them, please tell me why?) and BP, we’re in shit (while the animals are in oil). Doing something might actually help.

Your opinion, along with any other claims to complaints on society is welcome in the comments section below. Use the right to dissent. But more importantly use unbiased logic in your decisions. See another quick thing with global warming is that it is annoying when people tell me that one Hummer won’t really affect the environment. True. But you moron, if you do it, then other people do it, so guess what? It’s way more than just one, and if you add that to all the other crap we put in our environment, then things don’t go by, one more can’t hurt anything.

If people talk, it will be good, and if they don’t, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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