CTO: True Story

To the Readers of the Variant Press, I have to say we have reached 500 visitors. So today or whenever take some time of to celebrate your life and indulge in mirth and ignorance, I mean, if life doesn’t suck. I actually have to say, I have been announcing the number of visitors for those … Continue reading

Quick Post: Over 200 Visitors!

Okay, people, this is really good. Once again, a toast of good word to the Readers of the Variant Press. For those of you that did, thank you for following If Loops on Facebook and Twitter, and for those of you that did not, you still can. The links are in the top sidebar. If … Continue reading

QuickPress: 100 Visitors.

We have reached 100 Visitors! In three days! Including one from Taiwan! Keep this up Readers of the Variant Press, you do your part, and I will keep putting up good content. Deal.

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